About GeosNews

GeosNews is a platform for geo-localized news (Geo-located NewsReader) easily accessible through the use of Google maps

The main GeosNews's purpose is to place geographically, news and information sources (official or independent). Our goal is to help readers to easily and clearly understand "where things happen'".

We also work to help and support (generating user's traffic) local newspapers, blogs and bloggers, pages and groups from social networks and large and small communities of citizens exchanging information among themselves and with the rest of world. All for free.

GeosNews is a geographical and temporal archive of all sort of news. You can search news in a specific geographical area by moving a map from the neighborhood, to the city, the counties and states, or simply by entering the locality's name. You can also set the Search for topic (or keyword) if needed.

GeosNews is a free online platform accessible to all from desktop or via mobile devices .

We all can help to improve GeosNews increasingly the number of sources that tell the chronicle and the life of every town and all areas of the world. If you have a website to suggest you can do it clicking here . Help us to make news and information more accessible and affordable for lots of people.

The free access to information and knowledge is the basis of freedom for individual and for communities.

Why using GeosNews?

There are several reasons why using GeosNews:

  • It's Local : all the news related to your surrounding area, your city or county and more;
  • It's Global : You can read the news directly on the place to which they refer, "take a look to the whole USA" and see what is happening;
  • It's Quick : just open the home page and all the latest news about your surrounding area will be displayed in a few seconds. Search and filter the news is immediate and easy to understand;
  • It's Handy : from your smartphone or desktop, you enter the home page and GeosNews does it all;
  • It's Democratic : you can find news sources from different political and cultural orientation, you can read news from different points of view, and you can share it on social networks;
  • It's Collaborative : we all can suggest traditional or independent news sources, blogs or sites about local information. You can also report any kind of error or mistake about sources;
  • It's Free : is your local newspaper in real time and at no cost.