How it works

GeosNews is really simple and intuitive, everyone can use it without any trouble:

Once on the homepage your browser will ask you to geo-localize your position .
After doing so, GeosNews will shows the synthesis of the latest news closer to you, sorted by date and time of publication;

NB: the position indicated by your browser is based on the position of your internet provider 's node, therefore, particularly for smaller urban areas, it may be far from your actual location. In this case, simply move the map to the point of interest or search your location using the appropriate field on the toolbar.

Via the toolbar you can search for a location, choose the starting level, filter results and search news by keywords.

Clicking on the news title, another page will open and there you'll can read more and find also other news related by topic and location.


  1. If the geo-location was inaccurate or you'd rather prefer news from another location, here you can enter it manually.
  2. Through this field you can search for a topic (keyword) in the chosen location.
  3. Here you can choose which level turn on or off, from the previously selected location.
  4. Clicking this button you can access to the advanced tools.
  5. Clicking this button you can access to the features guided tour.


  1. Article thumbnail picture. Click it go to the extended version.
  2. Article title. Click it go to the extended version.
  3. News source.
  4. Date and time of publication on our systems.
  5. First paragraph of the news.
  6. Level of the news with path: clicking one of the items you get the locality's portal page.
  7. Using this button you can add a bookmark to a temporary collection in your browser's cache (no bookmark is recorded on our server)


You can also choose a location by moving the map, the results on the news stream bar will be updated with articles related to the area under the center of the map, indicated by our logo.